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Pipeline Renewals
Over the past decade ISR has emerged as one of the leading pipeline contractor having skilled & certified craftsman to ensure unmatched quality and speed. Works undertaken are Engine Room, Pump Room Pipings, Cargo Tanks, Ballast Tanks, IG Pipelines, New Pipe Installations etc. The knowledge and ingenious methods displayed have resulted in continual piping projects being awarded & executed, meeting stringent quality & NDT requirements associated with the oil and gas industry.

Mechanical works
ISR also boasts a strong mechanical team with experienced Marine Mechanics adept in handling overhauls & repairs of engines, pumps, cranes, valves and deck machinery.

Steel Renewals
ISR excels in steel renewals- Onboard Decks, Cargo Tanks, DB Tanks, Hull Structure, Accomodation, Engine Room, Pump Room, Hatch Covers, Cell Guides etc., be it alongside jetty or at anchorage. Work undertaken is always completed on a war foot basis with certified workmen to the satisfaction of the client and class surveyors. The mammoth capacity to undertake large quantum of steel renewals and timely completions have been our forte

Hydroblasting and painting
With a full fledged hydro blasting team & equipment to cater for the growing requirements for up-gradation of tanks and deck coating, we are emerging in this field at a fast pace. We also have excellent Grit blasting facility for onshore works.onshore works.

Electrical works
ISR also undertakes a fair bit of electrical work with over 50 electricians also acts as a support service for the main activities.

Other Important services
include Services

  • Drawings department
  • Scaffolding erection and dismantling
  • Carpentry works
  • AC and refrigeration
  • Material handing/ rigging
  • Hydraulic repairs
  • Machining
  • Forming and bending

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